So, something happened to my blog and I can’t receive anonymous messages anymore

Idk what happened. The option is still available. But I can’t receive any. So, if I had a message, highly doubt it since idk how to hold a conversation apparently, there shouldn’t be a problem. 


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Anonymous: Why have you been blogging less?

Because I’m trying to get a job, and work on my life in the outside world.


its gotten to the point where i dont even enjoy staying up late anymore

i just have no choice with it

it just happens

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Anonymous: Thanks for answering. Im still a bit tad unsure if doing it but i dont know, ill see and I hope ur not in a similar situation that I am in right now because that would suck lol

You’re welcome :) I hoped my advice was helpful enough. Just follow what you feel is right. I know, that’s such a cliché but life is a cliché. I’m not in a similar situation. I’m trying to avoid any form of drama or stress in my life right now. I had enough of that already lol 

I just ran up the stairs and busted my ass lmfaoo 

Ouch, my leg hurts 

Anonymous: can i ask you a question of advice? What if a guy really likes a girl and they are good friends and all, but I know she does not like me or show interest on me. What should u think I do? Leave it at that? I really like her and think she is cute but yea I dont want our friendship to get awk if I say something

I will try my best to answer this in the greatest way possible. Okay… 

I’ve been in Plenty of situations like this. Believe me. And to be frank, not all of them ended in the way that I hoped. But that’s life, and it’s okay. Even though it might make the friendship a tad awkward, it’s better to completely know for sure rather than pondering on if you should’ve said something or not. Tell her about it in a hypothetical situation to see how she would respond, and then tell her that that’s how you actually feel. If it doesn’t go as you expect it, it’s okay. At least you told her, and you know rather than not knowing at all. It may make the friendship awkward, but eventually it’ll past. It almost always do. 

I hoped this helped! :) 

Is it better to say “thanks” or “thank you” as a closing in an email?

The bottom of my laptop feels like it’s on fire. Ughh 

I need someones opinion on a subject matter. Preferably a guy…  but a girl would work too. 

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