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I’m done with trying to please people.

If you don’t like me for who and what I am, 

then whatever,

I don’t need you. 




Can someone send me an anonymous message please?

And then send me another message with your blog url showing, telling me that you’ve sent it. I need to know if I can still receive anons


So, something happened to my blog and I can’t receive anonymous messages anymore

Idk what happened. The option is still available. But I can’t receive any. So, if I had a message, highly doubt it since idk how to hold a conversation apparently, there shouldn’t be a problem. 



I’m going to bed

And it’s only midnight. 

I’m tired of the internet… 


I’m curious as to why the occasional two followers and secretive anon only speaks to me, but all my other followers do not. I would write to you all, but I always feel like if I do, I’ll be ignored as usual. 

Even through the internet I can’t speak to people. 




anitaleocadia: Katya Gridneva - Olga dressing


anitaleocadiaKatya Gridneva - Olga dressing





its gotten to the point where i dont even enjoy staying up late anymore

i just have no choice with it

it just happens

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